What is an OUI Checkpoint/Roadblock?

By Adam D. Schmaelzle, Esq. Now that the summer is finally upon us, the local and state police are paying more attention than ever to drunk drivers.  In an effort to reduce the amount of injuries and fatalities caused by drunk driving, the police have been conducting OUI checkpoints/roadblocks in … Continue reading

Deducting Frequent Flyer Miles is Just PLANE Confusing: Potential tax consequences of frequent flyer miles.

By Adam D. Schmaelzle, Esq. Back in 1988 there was this guy named Dr. Philip Charley. Philip used to work for a company called “Truesdail” which was a testing facility.  They would test things like the urine of horses before a race or testing related to industrial accidents. Charley v. Commissioner … Continue reading

Shedding Some Light on Solar Panels in Massachusetts.

By Adam D. Schmaelzle, Esq. One of the many changes we are seeing these days throughout New England is the utilization of renewable energy.  Massachusetts’ commercial property and residential homeowners are quickly jumping on the solar power bandwagon in an effort to harness clean independent energy while larger companies are … Continue reading

The Valor Act: Support for Veterans Who Are Defendants.

By Adam D. Schmaelzle, Esq. In 2012 the state Senate passed a bill in Massachusetts known as “The Valor Act” which extended benefits and services that were available to veterans and active military members.  One year later, another bill known as “The Valor Act II” was passed, which expanded on … Continue reading

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